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Common Homeowner Problems

Here in Northern California, the real estate market is unlike anywhere else you’ve ever lived. For most people, their home is their single largest investment, which makes it terrifying when they run into a legal issue involving their house.

These are the most common homeowner legal problems Mr. Stanger handles:

  • Co-owner disputes, which are incredibly common here because of the high house prices
  • Predatory solar contracts, or damage caused by solar installers
  • Suspicions of seller fraud, i.e., failing to disclose significant bad news about the house you just bought
  • Citations for Building Code violations
  • Dealing with your insurer after a fire, flood or storm
  • Discovering problems with your title or your land rights from old recorded documents
  • HOA restrictions on renting out your condominium, or issues rebuilding it after an accident
  • Cancelling home purchase agreements and deciding who keeps the deposit

If you have one of these problems, or something similar, please let The Law Office of William Stanger know by calling us at 408-883-8466.