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Bad Neighbor Cases

Most of us understand that we live in a society, and oftentimes shoulder-to-shoulder, so it behooves us to have a little consideration and patience for our neighbors. And then there are the those small fraction of people who absolutely refuse to ever compromise their rights or go above and beyond the bare minimum to fulfill their obligations. Bad neighbor cases arise, almost universally, when that latter group of people do not actually even understand their rights and obligations to their neighbors. When you run into these people, or suspect you might be one of these people, call the Law Office of William Stanger. Bill has found that oftentimes, an objective explanation of each side’s legal rights and obligations to their neighbors is a powerful first step to resolving disputes.

Bill’s “bad neighbor” cases usually involve:

  • Damage arising from water leaks or poor drainage
  • Tree disputes, including trespass by roots and branches, or even damage from fallen trees
  • Boundary line disputes, including encroachments and shared fences
  • Interference with easements, such as blocking access or gating off a common entrance
  • Nuisances, such as extraordinarily loud hobbies or frequent noxious odors
  • HOA disputes about liability for damages arising from common area elements
  • HOA disputes about breaking your community’s rules.

If you have any problems like this, go ahead and call The Law Office of William Stanger at 408-883-8466.