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A Message From Bill About His Legal Philosophy

I know that life is short and money doesn’t grow on trees.  My legal philosophy is to provide cost-effective representation and candid advice to my clients.  I help my clients set realistic expectations about their legal dispute or real estate transaction, and find the most efficient path to meet or exceed those expectations.

Candid Advice, Pragmatic Solutions

There are many attorneys that will make you promises and take your money, only to disappear when the retainer runs out without accomplishing anything.  Not me, I would rather that you not hire me at all than disappoint you.  If you don’t have a case, I’ll tell you that up front.  If you’re asking for terms that will break your deal, I’ll tell you that.  If I can think of a way for you to help yourself that doesn’t require me, I will tell you to try it before hiring me.  If you can solve your own problem after a free initial consultation, I will sleep well that night.  A reputation for honesty and fair dealing is worth more than any retainer.  I never want to leave one of my clients feeling like they didn’t need me, or shouldn’t have hired me, or that I’m the only “winner” in their dispute.

Cost-Effective Representation

I remember paying legal bills before I became a lawyer, what a nightmare.  My clients work for a living, and they have better things to spend their money on than a lawyer that runs up their bill with busywork.  I do my best to make sure my invoices are as light as possible.

  • I provide a menu of options wherever possible, with projected costs and benefits and recommendations so that you can floor the gas or pump the brakes as your budget requires, and you know exactly what you’re paying me to do.
  • No charge for routine status updates, and discounted client phone calls.  I want you to keep me up to date, and I want you to answer my calls.  I want you to be comfortable that your questions have been answered and that you understand the options and strategy.  I do not want you staring at the clock and calculating how much a call is costing you, or worrying whenever we stray off topic.
  • I put my clients to work on their own cases.  To the greatest extent they are willing and able, my clients proofread, organize and review documents, and interface with vendors, agents and brokers.  My invoices are for work I did that you directed me to do.

Unmatched Personal Service

I am happy to take calls and meetings in the evenings and on weekends.  I will come to you if that’s what you prefer.  I will take all the time you need to address every question in as much detail as you care to hear.

How I Resolve Cases

Civil litigation almost always settles before trial, especially for real estate disputes.  The issue is usually how much legal wrangling and spending each side wants to do before agreeing to mediate or settle.  Some cases go all the way to the courthouse steps; other cases resolve with a few well-crafted letters.  The one constant is that if the attorneys hate each other, the case won’t settle.  Some attorneys use rude and unprofessional behavior to make settling hard on purpose, and thereby drive up their own fees.  The only winners when attorneys behave badly are other attorneys. I facilitate settlements by maintaining a professional, courteous relationship with opposing counsel, even when they do not respond in kind.

Call Now For A Consultation

Contact The Law Office of William Stanger today at 408-883-8466 to schedule your consultation. I am standing by to offer honest legal counsel and fast resolutions so my clients can get back to their lives.