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Legal Solutions To Construction And Development Issues

With sky-high California real estate prices, and everyone spending more time at home, the pandemic created a huge demand for renovations, expansions, redevelopments, accessory dwellings and other improvement projects.  Unfortunately, the reality is that there are bad actors out there.  Bill commonly sees owners that refuse to pay for the changes they asked for on the one hand, and contractors that chronically underbid their projects and start making bad decisions to cut costs on the other hand – oftentimes both in the same deal.  No matter what side you’re on, Bill will give you candid advice and take a cost-effective approach to resolve your dispute.

Common Issues Regarding Construction Law

These are some of the most common construction law disputes and development questions that come through Bill’s office:

  • Construction Disputes:
    • Construction defects
    • Solar panel installation damage
    • Delays and cost overruns
    • Project abandonment
    • Negligence
    • Prompt payment penalties
    • Mechanic’s liens
    • Right-to-Repair Act
  • Development issues:
    • Easements and Lot line adjustments
    • Accessory dwelling unit questions
    • Zoning, variance and general plan questions
    • Conditional use permits
    • Code violations and citation appeals

Northern California real estate is some of the most valuable in the country. Bill will work hard to protect what is yours and help you realize your vision.

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