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Our Team

Sometimes clients (and potential clients) want to know a little more about The Law Office of William Stanger besides Bill’s bare bones qualifications, rates and the types of cases he handles.  It’s his hope that this little personal touch will brighten your day.

Chief Morale Officer

Spooky joined the Law Office of William Stanger in July 2021.  Spooky’s specialty is unwanted participation in remote depositions and court hearings.  His hobbies include chasing, shedding, building sand castles, walking on keyboards and chronic shyness.

Oreo Sunshine
Business Development

Oreo Sunshine also joined the Law Office of William Stanger in July 2021.  Oreo Sunshine is the social one that will come say hello to visitors while Spooky hides.  His hobbies include snuggling, sunbeams, chasing lasers, and hogging Spooky’s breakfast.  He is also gigantic (24 lbs), and can see what’s on the counter without having to jump.

Smokey Bandit
Filing Clerk

Smokey Bandit joined the Law Office in April, 2024.  Bill took him in from his foster family who couldn’t house him any longer.  He’s a feral rescue who was doomed for an unpleasant shelter life because he hates people, but he had a reputation for getting along famously with other cats.  It took about a week for him to bond with Spooky and Oreo Sunshine.  He does not consent to people touching him though, even Bill.