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Take A Look At My Competitive Rates

William “Bill” Stanger is upfront about expected legal costs and fees of his representation.

His rates for 2022 are:

Litigation: $350/hour

  • With apologies, Bill will not take cases on “contingency.”  Contingency cases result in unrealistic client expectations, reduce the efficiency of representation, and create potential conflicts between attorneys and clients that Bill will not abide.

Transactions: $300/hour

  • Bill may consent to a flat fee for certain one-time assignments.
  • “Not to exceed” estimates are possible for smaller projects.

Case evaluation special: $250/hour

  • Three-hour minimum commitment that includes document review, analysis, and a written legal opinion about the merits and deficiencies of a case.
  • One-hour add-ons are available for up to two formal letters.
  • Any follow-up work will be billed at regular rates.

Get A Quote Today

I am readily available to start working on your case. Pick up the phone and call The Law Office of William Stanger at 408-883-8466 to schedule your initial consultation* and move closer to your resolution today.

*Everything discussed during an initial consultation is and will remain privileged from discovery even if you choose not to retain me. However, a mere consultation does not establish an attorney-client relationship between us. Until and unless everyone signs an engagement agreement, I do not represent you as an attorney in any capacity. Further, any opinions about your case that I provide during the initial consultation are preliminary only, based on incomplete information and without the benefit of legal research and should not be construed as “legal advice.”