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Trusted Legal Counsel For Real Estate Disputes

The Law Office of William Stanger generally handles two major categories of real estate disputes: “Bad Neighbors” and “Homeowner Problems.”  These are cases that deal primarily with the relationships, contracts, rights and duties between a homeowner, their neighbors, their HOAs and their insurers.  With apologies, Bill does not handle landlord/tenant disputes, evictions, violence or threats of violence, or divorce-related real estate issues.

Bad Neighbor cases usually involve interference with an easement, fences, trees, water intrusion or drainage, boundary line disputes and/or noise complaints.  Such cases may include issues with title or property insurance, or they may include disputes about common area liability for damages between a condominium owner and their Homeowners Association.

Homeowner Problems usually involve disputes between co-owners of a property, disputes between a condo owners and their HOA, disputes between a homeowner and their property or title insurers, or disputes between a buyer and seller of a house about the disclosures.

Please see the accompanying sub-pages for specific examples of the kinds of cases Bill routinely handles.

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