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Trusted Legal Counsel For Real Estate Transactions

Here in Northern California, the real estate market is unlike anywhere else you’ve ever lived.  For most people, their property (residential or commercial) is their single largest investment.  But here, home buyers sign no contingency, all-cash, above-asking price contracts every day at the insistence of their real estate agents, without doing the due diligence that is common everywhere else.  And that is absolutely fine, provided that nothing is wrong with the house, or the land, or the paperwork, and everyone is being perfectly honest with each other.  Commercial buyers have it even worse, since they have fewer statutory protections than home buyers.

When a deal turns out to be less than perfect, people call William “Bill” Stanger to give them practical, cost-effective advice and representation to resolve their transaction issues.  Sometimes just having an attorney copied on the emails is enough to make everyone involved in a deal act a little better than they otherwise would – buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, title officers, bankers – everyone stands up a little straighter and pays more attention to what they are doing when they know an attorney is watching.

Bill’s extensive experience in litigating real estate disputes informs how he handles business transactions.  A traditional transaction attorney hates going to Court.  As soon as a problem arises with enforcing the terms of a contract, they refer you out.  How can an attorney like that tell you whether a contract is good for you or not, if they’ve never had to test their contracts in court?  When you hire The Law Office of William Stanger to help you with your transaction, Bill keeps his eyes open for ways your agreement could cause you problems in court, not just at the negotiating table.

Whether you’re just starting a new deal, or you’ve just closed a deal, Bill can give you sound, logical, practical, and cost-effective advice for any questions or issues you have about:

    • Entering or Exiting Purchase Agreements
    • Disclosure Requirements and Inspection Reports
    • Rental Restrictions and Occupancy Requirements
    • Holding Title and Deeds
    • Easements, Property Lines and Encroachments
    • Promissory Notes & Deeds of Trust
    • Commercial Leases and Capital Improvements
    • Broker/Agent Disputes

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Those looking to purchase a new property or resolve a real estate dispute can schedule a consultation at The Law Office of William Stanger by calling 408-883-8466. There’s no better time to call than now.