Skilled Counsel For Construction And Real Estate Disputes

San Jose-based Attorney William “Bill” Stanger provides cost-effective legal representation, candid advice and personal service for individuals and businesses throughout Northern California.

Litigation And Transaction Advice For Individuals And Businesses

Bill Stanger helps contractors and owners understand and navigate the complicated web of rights and obligations that are built into every construction contract. Whether you have an issue with defective construction, a mechanic’s lien, delay claims, or deposit theft, Bill will give you his candid opinion on your most cost-effective options for resolving the dispute. Residential or commercial, it doesn’t matter.

The Law Office of William Stanger also handles non-violent neighbor disputes and the common legal problems many homeowners encounter. Please review Bill’s “Practice Areas” to learn more.

Practice Areas

Construction Disputes

Roughly 50% of Bill’s cases are disputes between property owners and contractors. Bill represents either side in these cases.

Bad Neighbor Cases

About 20% of Bill’s cases are non-violent bad neighbor disputes. Sometimes an objective explanation of rights and duties is all it takes.

Homeowner Law

Another 20% of Bill’s cases are homeowner legal issues, like problems with a new home, the HOA, and property or title insurance.

Serving Northern California from San Jose; most commonly the counties of Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Cruz and Monterey.

Commercial Real Estate Experience

Bill Stanger doesn’t just handle residential property cases.  He worked in commercial real estate development and asset management for shopping centers, office space and condominiums for nine years before becoming a litigator.  Call attorney Bill (William) Stanger, for experienced legal insight today.

Santa Cruz, California Beach property

I Work For An Optimal Outcome For Your Legal Matter

I wasn’t always a lawyer, and I know money doesn’t grow on trees. Litigation is expensive and time consuming. Sometimes getting attorneys involved in a dispute just escalates the costs and tension. If I can help you find a way to avoid needing my services, I will be happy to have helped. I have no desire to charge people money for services they don’t actually need.

I’ve been named a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers for my efforts. Read my reviews and see what they have to say.

Rated By Super Lawyers | William Stanger | Selected In 2022 | Thomson Reuters


Bill is a great advocate, communicator, and knowledgeable in his industry. – Jeffrey L.


Bill is great and nice to work with. I needed some legal advice before entering into a deal. He gave me exactly the advice I needed. Highly recommend Bill! – E.C.


William Stanger was very swift and helpful with his response in advising me what to do. A+ – Hassan Z.

Honest Advice For Complex Investment Property Matters

I can break through the legal complexities of investment property disputes and recommend efficient and effective options for your situation. I work with disputes involving tax responsibilities, partnership issues and repair, maintenance, HOA needs and more.

Candid and transparent legal counsel